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F134 Mesquite Bay to Lower San Antonio Bay Wade (Hard Copy) Fishing, Fly Fishing & Kayak Fishing (With GPS)

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This two-sided saltwater bay map is devoted to the shallow water fisherman. This map shows a "zoomed in" very detailed layout of all the fishing areas. The waters east of the Rockport area abound with shallow bays, lakes, marshes, and good hard-bottom wade fishing spots. The primary fishing areas detailed are Aransas Bay, Mesquite Bay, Carlos Bay and Lower San Antonio Bay. Shallow water fishing in kayaks and other shallow water boats is very popular in this area of the Texas coast. Many of the places shown on this map have seen very little fishing "pressure" in the past because they were hard to get to and few fishermen knew about them! The map has GPS numbers for fishing spots, waypoints, marinas, boat ramps, and other locations.