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F133 Copano Bay Area Wade Fishing, Fly Fishing & Kayak Fishing Electronic GPS SD Card for Garmin Machines

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F133 coordinates for Garmin Machines.

This little SD card plugs directly into your electronic GPS unit and downloads all fishing information with GPS coordinates taken from the hard copy Hook-N-Line F133, Copano Bay area map. Your electronic GPS unit will now have the F133 map GPS coordinates for fishing spots, oyster reefs, artificial reefs, marinas, boat ramps and other points of interest for Copano Bay, St. Charles Bay, Mission Bay and Port Bay. Once you have downloaded all our coordinates, each spot will display as a symbol and a label shown on top of the built-in map already in your electronic GPS unit.*  Please note that only fishing information having GPS coordinates will be downloaded. After downloading is complete, the SD card can be removed and kept in a safe place.

* Your GPS unit should come with a built-in map of your fishing area.