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App Details

Our Map Apps download directly to your mobile Iphone or Android unit. The App downloads accurate locations of fishing spots, boat ramps, marinas and other fishing spots from the Hook-N-Line folded "hard copy" map directly into your mobile unit. These locations appear as small white dots overlaid on a Google Earth image. Also, the Hook-N-Line "hard copy" map fishing detail is shown as an overlay. This detail includes, reefs, fishing areas, depths, obstructions navigational aids (Buoys & daybeacons, etc.), fishing and hazard information. Your position on the map is shown as a little blue dot that moves around as you drive your boat from place to place on the water.

AppPhone Area Coverage

Our Map App will work on your mobile device (I-Phones & Androids) for over 90% of the fishing areas shown. 

(However, due to issues with the latest Apple updates only Android devices are guaranteed to give you an accurate location). 

If you are within approximately 10 miles of a cell phone tower the app should work OK. There are many factors that affect this range: your network provider, the type of mobile phone, distance to nearest cell tower, network extenders on your phone, to name a few. So far, tests done with real fishermen using their personal mobile phones has been 100%. Fishing guides I have talked to up and down the Texas coast have good coverage with a few dead zones. The good news is that new towers are going up all the time which will improve coverage.

Copy and Share Notice

All "Map App" products obtained from Hook-N-Line Map Company, Inc. are for use on one computer only. Sharing, giving or selling of "Map App" products and/or user names and passwords are prohibited. Hook-N-Line Map Company, Inc. security software is able to detect computer sharing. The result of this sharing will be the loss of the customer's user name and password which will prevent the customer from accessing the Hook-N-Line "Map App".